Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

VIDEO: Violent Sci-Fi Crime Anime "Psycho-Pass" Goes Cute for iPhone App

Nitroplus collaborates on mini-adventure game

Going into the premiere of sci-fi crime anime Psycho-Pass there was talk about how the staff banned the word "moe" from their planning. Well, whether or not the anime actually eschewed moe makes for a nice debate, but, regardless, the Chimi-Game iPhone app based on the series quite kawaii... moe even.
The mini-adventure game Blu-ray tie-in was co-produced with Nitroplus (a frequent partner with Fate/'s TYPE-MOON and Steins;Gate's 5pb.).

Meanwhile, the official site for the anime revealed the final bit of  Reborn creator Akira Amano's's original design.
Antagonist Shogo Makishima


Shinya KĊgami

Akane Tsunemori

Tomomi Masaoka

Shion Karanomori

Nobuchika Ginoza

Shusei Kagari

Yayoi Kunizuka

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Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

10 Famous Musicians Through The Anime Japan



A. Asian Kung-Fu Generation

In the first warning there is Asian Kung-Fu Generation, also known as "Ajikan" This is popular in the world, especially since their songs for the soundtrack to the famous anime. Formed in Yokohama in 1996 by Goto Masafumi (vocals, guitar), Kita Kensuke (guitar, vocals), Yamada Takahiro (bass, vocals), and Ijichi Kiyoshi (drums), Asian Kung-Fu Generation still exist until now. J-Rock Talk, talk Ajikan, is the effect obtained when the music lovers around the world to know their songs. In Indonesia, also known by the name AKFG anime "Naruto" with his song titled "Haruka Kanata" for the soundtrack of the anime. In addition, many of their songs for the soundtrack to other anime, like the song "Rewrite" for the soundtrack to the anime "Full Metal Alchemist", the song "Aru Machi no Gunjou" for the soundtrack to the animated film "Tekon Kinkreet" and the song "After Dark" which became soundtrack to the anime "Bleach".

2. YUI

Well here it is, beautiful and talented woman who is also a lot of songs for the soundtrack to the anime. I was # NgakuNgakuUnite Teteh real name is Yoshioka Yui, was born in Fukuoka, Japan March 26, 1987. He sings, plays acoustic guitar, and write their own songs, other than that he has a hobby of watching movies, reading books, and playing badminton. His name is famous in the world - including in Indonesia - by anime "Bleach", where the song titled "Rolling Star" became the fifth opening song anime and others, "Life" became the fifth Bleach ending. Public amazed by the beauty of her voice is also skillful acoustic guitar playing in his song titled "Goodbye Days" is the soundtrack of the movie "Taiyou no Uta". Because that's his talent, is now the most popular female singer YUI including in Japan and has many fans around the world, including me of course.

3. Flow


Touted as one of the most interesting bands in Japan at present, consists of five personnel: two vocalists, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Their debut in the soundtrack of the famous anime anime-do not ask again. Many of their songs for the soundtrack to the anime, most notably in Indonesia is a song called "GO!" , Which is the opening anime "Naruto". Understand it, Naruto had been a favorite in the shounen anime television Indonesia at that time, so its soundtrack songs better known. In addition to "GO!" Flow is still a lot of other songs are so anime soundtrack, for example, "Sign" is the Opening Naruto Shippuden, "Re: member" is the soundtrack of Naruto, "Colors" is the opening "Code Geass", "World End" to be opening the "Code Geass R2 ", and a song called" Calling "is the anime OST" Heroman ED "and many more.

4. Hiroshi Kitadani

Sing songs soundtrack anime's main job. Singer born August 24, 1968 is also behind the scenes of many songs project, and the soundtrack's most famous song in the world of anime accompany his success is a song titled "We Are!" who made the first opening of anime including The Big Three, namely "One Piece". One Piece tells the story of a man who was determined to be a pirate king named Luffy. Slowly but surely, he set sail and find a pirate crews and form a straw hat pirate group (Strawhat Pirate), his name became more known among pirates and navy as the Straw Hat Luffy. The song "We Are!" This is also sung back by the famous boysband Korea, DBSK / Tohoshinki.

5. Orange RangeThis band is one of the band Pop, Rock, R & B the most famous in Japan. They came from Okinawa, Japan, founded in 2001 by Naoto and Katchan. Many of their songs for the soundtrack to the anime, including the most famous is a song called "Asterisk", which made First Opening Anime "Bleach" is famous in Indonesia. In addition, the song "Viva Rock" which is used as the ending would have been a lot of anime Naruto Naruto Indonesia memorized audience. Besides that aired in Indonesia, Orange Range songs for the soundtrack too much other anime, just call their song titled "O2" is the opening anime "Code Geass R2", and "Shiawase Neiro" which used the same ending of the anime. Diselipi rock music with rap is so harmonious strains of the band did make them loved by his fans, I also include Orange Range fans.