Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

KARA to be featured in anime ‘KARA the Animation’

It has been reported that there are plans for a KARA anime!
Girl group KARA will be the basis of a Japanese anime titled ‘KARA the Animation (working title)’ and it is expected to air in early 2013.  The show will depict the 5 beautiful ladies of KARA and the characters will be based on the individual personality and image of the members.
A member at the production company shared, “Like KARA’s, whose name is synonymous with ‘sweet melody’, the anime will show a ‘sweet story’.  We are sure this show will please fans of KARA as well as anime fans in general.”
After ‘KARA the Animation’ airs in Japan, it is planned to air in Korea at a later date as well.

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